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Silo Park DevelopmentChristchurch MemorialOcean Exploration Centre, Wellington - JARA Exhibition 2014ASAI Jurors Award Winner 2013
NZIA Presidents Award Winner Ian Stantiall
Rotorua Lakefront, Wraight + Associates Ltd
Oihi Chapel, Cheshire ArchitectsGlendhu Bay, Darby Parnters
Clearwater Resort, Warren and Mahoney

Award Winning Architectural Illustration


The criteria for judging the merit of each work included: The composition of the image, the mastery of technique and whether it was telling a story. Jurors spent hours viewing a large number of images submitted for inclusion in the AAAI Visualizing Architectural Design (VAD) Exhibition, opening in Tokyo, 26th September 2011 and Ian Stantiall's "End of Day - End of Wharf" was not only selected for the exhibition, but attained BEST OF SHOW.

One of the three highly respected international jurors was American Architectural Illustrator Chris Grubbs. Published on the AAAI website are his comments on Ian Stantiall's image: "I just got back from a very lovely evening. It wasn't a real experience in a place that even exists yet. I was inhabiting a wonderful drawing."

He goes on to say, "This drawing describes its scene with great technical sophistication and skill. But here is one thing that makes this work stand out as something quite special: Once the technique leads me into this fictional space it immediately fades away from my consciousness, leaving me here to be in the place, to enjoy the view."

Grubbs goes on to comment that "This drawing does what a good architectural illustration must do: it explains the physical nature of its architectural subject - how the thing is built, how big it is and how it is used. But this drawing takes us one step further: it also explores the emotional nature of its architectural subject - how one might likely feel in such a place and why."

He finishes by noting the quality of light that sets the vision on its way and says "It is simply lovely to look at, it is possible to see this kind of lighting condition anywhere we may be - at work or at play, but here it seems to be an inevitability that expresses so much of the mission of this place: to give people a respite, a bit of pleasure. Some joy."